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raspberry crepe plate www.girlontherange.com

lemon ricotta and raspberry crepes

This morning I woke up in full pancake mode.  The little man and I crept into the kitchen with big plans of making a warm batch of banana pancakes for the very overworked and very sleepy daddy. As my go-to pancake recipe makes at least 20 pancakes and knowing there was no way we could […]

winter vegetable salad with tahini dressing  www.girlontherange.com

winter vegetable salad with creamy sesame dressing

After the hectic holidays and big feasts we planned a little detox session in our household.  Nothing too extreme, but with the main focus on vegetables, fruit and grains again. Looking for some great inspiration, I hopped over to one of my favorite blogs and found this yummy salad.  The First Mess is written by Laura and she creates […]

broccoli and pesto panini  www.girlontherange.com

roasted broccoli pesto panini

Do you ever dream about food? I’m not talking about just day-dreaming of creamy frosting covered chocolate cake while you are sitting at your desk in the middle of the day…but actually dreaming-while-you-are-sleeping-in-the-middle-of-the-night dreaming of food? For some reason, and for the first time in my entire food-centered life, I dreamt of food.  Actually, I dreamt of […]