fava bean & labneh www.girlontherange.com

food on toast – spiced labneh and fava beans

Fava beans always remind me of my friend R.  We met way back in culinary school and he always likes… Continue reading »

barley and fresh chickpea  www.girlontherange.com

spring chickpea and barley salad with cashew-miso dressing

Hi.  My name’s Jenn and I’m a chocoholic. Seriously.  It’s so bad I probably need my own support group. Most… Continue reading »

marinated goat cheese  www.girlontherange.com

marinated fresh goat cheese

At one of my jobs we used to get delicious marinated Lara Chenel’s goat cheese.  It was a medium-sized jar… Continue reading »

power bowl  www.girlontherange.com

brown rice power bowl

We were at a party the other night and one of my friends told me how much they loved the… Continue reading »

bean green soup  www.girlontherange.com

greens, beans, butternut squash, and a bit of heat soup

It’s been raining.  And it’s awesome.  I love the rainy days – movies, snuggling on the sofa, coloring books and… Continue reading »

food on toast sweet potato www.girlontherange.com

food on toast – roasted balsamic broccoli and sweet potato

I spent most of this morning cleaning out my email inbox.  I mean, I already have a blog inbox to… Continue reading »

bittersweet chocolate tarts with candied oranges  www.girlontherange.com

bittersweet chocolate truffle tart with candied oranges

Before reading any further, let’s imagine that the five tarts below are actually just one 10 inch tart.  Okay? Years… Continue reading »

chocolate pudding  www.girlontherange.com

creamy chocolate pudding

I won’t lie, I’m here for the chocolate. Although I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, it’s always on… Continue reading »

bean soup with roasted mushrooms  www.girlontherange.com

white bean soup with roasted mushrooms

Finally, finally, finally…it rained.  And it’s been raining off and on ever since.  And it’s wonderful. After living in Seattle for a… Continue reading »

wild rice cassarole  www.girlontherange.com

wild rice casserole

Let’s start this post with a little game.  I’m going to say two words and then you tell me the… Continue reading »